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Our podcasts are real stories with real life changing lessons. Each week you will hear a story about a real situation ending with a LESSON LEARNED.  I have shared these stories throughout the world.  Now I have decided to share my personal stories through this Podcast!  I will also interview amazing people from different cultures, different lands, different walks of life. What lessons, what inspiration, what motivation can we gain from their real stories?  Tune in every Sunday Evening from 9pm to 10pm PST USA!  See you next time!


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Art (painting, drawing, multiple medium, sculpture, clothes design, dance, theater, and much more)

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

If you are searching to connect with someone, locally or globally with similar interests as you, then this is the place to post your story, your creation, your innovative idea.

Step 1: Begin with sharing your ideas, dreams, thoughts, and innovated creations.

Step 2: Connect with someone locally or globally. Be respectful, honest, and patient. Begin with using our Podcast, blog, webinar, or video conferencing.

Step 3: The third step is when you connect with one or more people locally and globally. This is where you begin to cooperate and collaborate. We will provide the venue for sharing. We will suggest resources for cooperating and collaborating. When there is a solid connection and mutual understanding, then E-Commerace begins! We will guide you as much as needed to make your innovative ideas come true!

Step 4: You and your cooperative partner(s) will be invited to join our Summer Summit Conferences held throughout the world, scheduled Podcasts, Webinar, and/or Video Conferencing to spread the GOOD NEWS!!!!

Happy posting!

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